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IATA Simplified Interline Settlement — the countdown is over but the challenges of real life have just begun. Airlines are still struggling with uncertainties about the new standards and have concerns like:

  • Many of our processes are still done manually
    How can we automate them and increase efficiency?
  • Why should I spend a fortune on big solutions
    We need only a small one?
  • We need to support our revenue management process
    How can we obtain figures just in time ?
  • We have a mixed business model of both scheduled and charter flights
    How can we start with IATA conform processes easily?
  • Our main focus is excellent service and support
    Where can we get this?

SKYfly is the product line for airlines who want to benefit from latest technology as well as optimum quality. Efficient processing and right decisions based on accurate figures right in time have an enormous impact on today’s airline business.

ISO supports airlines in these challenging times with:

Passenger Revenue Accounting

SKYfly Revenue – the state-of-the-art Passenger Revenue Accounting. Comprehensive functionality ensures swift and correct processing of all passenger-related documents.

Miscellaneous Billing

SKYfly M-Billing – the scalable solution for Miscellaneous Billing. Proven modules streamline the process of non-transportation billing.

International Air Transport Association (IATA) - Strategic Partner


"For about a year now KLM has been working with ISO’s application on the SIS outgoing process: M-Billing. In this period ISO delivered all required products as agreed, of high quality. At the same time we built up a solid and professional working relation. As from period one of March 2012 KLM went live with outgoing SIS. From then on we experienced the service and aftercare of ISO as being prompt and of a high level as well"

- Michel van Rijn, Business Analyst, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

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