Data Quality Management in SAP®

Improve data quality of your SAP® solution

The demands on the master data's quality are rising since they are a basic requirement for the success of your business. A high data quality ensures precise information for all people involved in your business. Decisions become safer, more effective and cost-cutting.

Data Quality Management – Our solution for you

For over ten years we have been developing custom-made solutions. Take advantage of our know-how for lean and intelligent processes.

Benefit from the integration to your SAP solutions

Using a flexible and modular structure the solution is capable to cope with myERP, SAP-CRM, and various industrial solutions. It can be tailored to your needs by customizing. The solution is installed through a SAP transport.

Marlin AddressCheck Professional is a certified SAP integration solution

SAP certifies Marlin AddressCheck Professional 2.1 of ISO Software Systeme GmbH. After the successful testing of the technical and functional requirements, the data quality management system of ISO Software Systeme GmbH obtained the SAP Certified Integration logo and, moreover, was evaluated as very user friendly.
Among others the certification guarantees data transfer at high speed coming along with rapid data processing and response time.

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