Correct Address Data in SAP®

Marlin Address Validation (MAV)

A correctly written address seems to be no problem but for internationally operating companies this hurdle is not always easy to be cleared.

The solution Marlin Address Validation (MAV) is an SAP® integrated add-on for ERP and CRM which corrects, standardizes and completes the address. Country-specific guidelines can be displayed via the customizing which allows to support even picture languages like Chinese or to derive city and street with the respective house numbers automatically from the post code.

MAV is available in two components: on the one hand for the dialogue check during entering / maintenance of address data and on the other hand as a stock check with a processing monitor for a mass check.

Features of the Marlin Address Validation integrated with SAP

MAV Dialogue Check

  • postal correction of the address for maximum 240 countries
  • address validation is performed online
  • billing is performed per transaction
  • addresses are corrected, standardized and missing entries are added
  • post office box and post code are checked
  • conversion of alpha numeric post codes (NL, GB) into street and city
  • search technique can be set up country-specifically
  • fast completion – entry support for call centers
  • response within a few seconds
  • no administrative effort because no reference data needs to be stored
  • the dialogue check can be called as an RFC-able functional module
  • no own server and database required
  • every edited doublet is saved with a processing document (SOX-compliant) in order to improve internal quality checks
  • the dialogue check is a RFC-able functional module which can be used in customers’ programs
  • the solution is integrated in the product Marlin Governance Process

MAV Stock Check

  • the functions of the MAV dialogue check
  • stock data is checked via a job
  • convenient editing monitor for releasing changes
  • addresses to be checked manually are provided in an operation queue
  • corrected addresses are changed in the master record

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