Bank data validation for SAP®

Marlin BankCheck checks bank data check in SAP® Applications

Marlin BankCheck checks bank data online or via batch and therefore avoids erroneous transactions caused by wrong data input. Validation is performed using a web service for all European bank data (all 27 EU countries plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland). This supports ideally foreign transactions (AZV) and STEP2 for cross-border transactions.

Correct bank data with Marlin BankCheck

Your benefit:

  • checks format of account number and reformats it
  • complete check of all bank modules, account number and bank code
  • for all German institutions including banks and financial companies
  • creation of IBANs (International Bank Account Numbers)
  • validation of IBANs
  • validation of BICs (Bank Identifier Codes)

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