Checking VAT Numbers within SAP®

As of January 1st, 2010, companies are required by law to check the VAT number of any business partner within the European Union. Neglecting this requirement might lead to drastic consequences in regard to your taxes.

A confirmation process via the Federal General Tax Office allows you to check foreign VAT-numbers. The Office informs you about the current validity of VAT-numbers of affected member states and if company name, place, ZIP code and street name are equal to those found in the EU registry of member states – including the legal form of companies contained in the trade register.

Marlin VAT Number Check (MUP) for SAP®

With our product VAT Number Check (MUP) you are able to complete the VAT-No. Check comfortably. While entering or changing a debtor in SAP, an online check is being performed. In addition, you can verify order placements, delivery tickets and invoices online. All SAP verifications are saved in protocols and therefore they are revision proof.

We offer three versions of the MUP


Marlin MUP Basic enables you to do individual and collective queries for the customer


All the features of the Basic Version plus:

  • manual and automatic check of VAT-numbers
  • individual customizing settings
  • integration with ISO products Address Validation & Data Enrichment
  • printing of check reports
  • display of findings and possibility of processing check results


All the features of the Extended Version plus:

  • automated corrections, normalization and check of international addresses (this includes our product MAC-VAL with 10,000 transactions for international address validation)

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