Sanction List Check for SAP®

Checks sanction lists in SAP® with Marlin Compliance Check

Regulations of the European Union prohibited companies from having any business contact with terrorist organizations and persons. This implements the resolutions of the UN Security Council on counter-terrorism. Every company is bound to ensure through organizational measures that these regulations are kept and can be monitored. Contrary to many other solutions, Marlin Compliance Check (MCC) is integrated directly in SAP and it fulfills legal requirements.

MCC meets the status of an Authorized Economic Operator AOE for a complete and SOX-secure documentation. Like all other products of the Marlin Suite, MCC takes effect in the operational process. Thus, the check is performed in the master data customer, vendor and human resources or in the central business partner and in the transaction data in which master records are used. We use an intelligent screening technology, which will also meet future requirements of sanction list checks, for the check.

Marlin ComplianceCheck supports these lists:

  • EU regulation
  • US Denied Persons List (DPL)
  • US Unverified List
  • US Entity List
  • Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons
  • Swiss SECO List
  • Japanese METI-List
  • personal black list

Our SAP-integrated functions for Marlin ComplianceCheck (MCC):

  • check for ERP / CRM (customer, vendor, central business partner, human resource master record)
  • single check for name and country
  • delta checks if boycott lists are changed
  • stock check for initial check
  • check of transaction data in the modules MM, SD, FI
  • compliance Cockpit for a central processing
  • result monitor to display processing
  • thresholds can be defined individually
  • language-independent screening-technology
  • define your own personal black list
  • fault-tolerant single search in the boycott list
  • you can define automated blocks for master data and transaction data
  • various lists from the Bundesanzeiger can be activated  
  • you can document the imported boycott lists
  • every check and every result is recorded in a processing document (SOX-compliant)
  • compliance check is a RFC-able functional module which can be used in customers' programs
  • solution is integrated with Marlin Governance Process

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