Copy organization views in SAP®

Marlin Copy (COP) allows copying org-views in SAP®

Marlin Address Check Copy allows comparing and copying organization views of a business partner (customer, vendor). With the copy function, the company code, sales or purchasing views of multiple master records can comfortably be enriched.

One application area is the processing of duplicate groups. Here, a master record is selected which is to be used as the leading (primary) data record in the future. The secondary data records (duplicate master data that should not be used) receive, depending on the setting, the archiving indicator. If the distinct organization views of the secondary records are missing in the primary data record it cannot be used operationally for the MM or SD process. The manual effort is significant because both the field contents and the different views must be maintained time-consuming. To reduce the manual effort and prevent transmission errors, COP displayed the views clearly-arranged and, thus, the user can compare the fields.

By color markings, the user is pointed to different field contents and they can simulate the copy process. After the simulation, the field content can be further adapted. The copying process is carried out with SAP-standard tools in compliance with the field control.

COP is an add-on to Marlin Professional Address Check and supports the processing of duplicate groups in that application.

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