Data Enrichment for SAP®

Enriching master data in SAP® Applications with Marlin Content

Make more of your addresses! The user receives desired information for a chosen address via an online process. Base data is thus quickly and efficiently enriched. Marlin Premium works via web services and that is why it can be integrated into your SAP-application without much project effort. Customizable settings define which services should be used. The user can choose between automatic enrichment (background task) or enrichment via dialogue.

Enrichment with geo data

In one step, addresses can be enriched with longitude and latitude data. For this, the WGS 84 format is used.

Enrichment with relocation address

Have your customers moved? Through access to “Deutsche Post Address” data, a new address is delivered automatically.

Your benefit:

  • web service works online
  • billing per single transaction
  • answer within few seconds
  • no administrative effort, because import and export of base data is avoided

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