Data Governance Process in SAP®

Marlin Preliminary Transaction (MVT)

Concerning data management, internationally operating companies are more and more unsettled by legal guidelines of the respective countries.

The solution for central master data management MVT provides a reliable and traceable governance process. The operational creation and maintenance process of master data is efficiently implemented via an optimized preliminary transaction with integrated clearing steps.

The creation or change within the master record is not immediately saved in the SAP® table but in a request document. A central address clearing receives the request document in a work list in order to check, validate and release field contents. Only after releasing the creation or change is performed in the SAP objects. The requester receives information about the processing status via e-mail.

Quality reports can record customer-specific statements to improve the master data quality.

The governance process consists of the components preliminary transaction and central address clearing. Both components include an activity bar to improve quality with the following functions:

Our SAP-integrated functions for the Data Governance Process (MVT)

Features for the Governance Process

  • own transaction to maintain and change master data
  • single fields can be standardized and validated
  • integrated checks to improve data quality
  • the request document can be assigned documents, hints and priorities
  • displaying of an address clearing structure to check and release request documents
  • customer-specific release management for A-, B-, V-, M-segments
  • which field changes, account groups or master data groups are to be included into the clearing process can be defined in the customizing
  • the changes of the master record are displayed to the address clearer in blue
  • request documents can be refused, postponed or released
  • own checks can be integrated via a user exit
  • the changes are posted after releasing and the requester receives a note via e-mail
  • SAP authorizations and account group controlling are taken into account
  • every edited doublet group is recorded in a processing document (SOX-compliant) to improve internal quality checks

Additional Components

  • MDS: system-overlapping master data management and distribution
  • Add-On: components to improve master data quality

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