Duplicate checking in SAP®

Data Cleansing for SAP® solutions to detect doublets

The solution Marlin Address Check Professional (MAC-PRO) consists of the components portfolio check (check of existing data) and dialogue examination (check during dialog entries).
Using a mature examination technology, the master data tables are searched for doublets (duplicates) and displayed in SAP. Further processing of doublet (duplicate) groups is done in the system with enriched information concerning organization and movement data. For identified duplicates, a relation via primary- and secondary-flags is defined. After checking existing data sets, a dialog check avoids new doublets (duplicates).

Clean master data with Marlin Address Check Professional (MAC-PRO)

Your benefit:

Portfolio check

  • intelligent doublet (duplicate) search with FACT® algorithm
  • doublet (duplicate) check for all countries using ASCII-Code tables
  • doublet check even in Unicode to check all existing languages
  • doublet (duplicate) check can be performed cross-object (customer with vendor)
  • doublets (duplicates) are combined into groups
  • processing through a comfortable clearing monitor
  • enrichment of doublet (duplicate) groups with transaction data and organizational data
  • relations are saved persistent and available for consolidated analysis
  • for CRM-systems an automatic relation between business partners is created: “is identical to”
  • besides address additional fields such as bank connection, tax number, birth date or customer specific information can be used for checking existing data
  • MAC-PRO runs without own server within the SAP system

Dialogue examination

  • dialog check while entering new or amending existing data (customer, vendor, business partner)
  • dialog check can be done cross-object; entering a new customer might show an existing vendor
  • country specific index and matrix settings
  • already existing relations from a former portfolio check are regarded and shown
  • a doublet check for telephone numbers or bank data can be activated through customizing
  • a doublet for the clearing monitor can be created directly from the checking dialogue

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