Fault-tolerant Search for SAP®

Marlin FACT-Finder® (MFF)

Marlin FACT-Finder® is a fault-tolerant search that can easily be integrated with the SAP® F4 search help using configured scenarios. MFF offers new opportunities to search through table contents within seconds and fault-tolerant. Similarly to web search engine, the search information is entered via a search string, for instance, “Hugenottenstraße Krischanowski” or “Granulat Polyvinylchlorid PVCG” and the user receives a list with the found results. This straightens your business processes and increases your employees’ efficiency. The Marlin FACT-Finder® is installed on an existing server and does not require an own database.
MFF is a standard technique with which every SAP® table or even non-SAP-table can be searched through.

For immediate use we can deliver the following predefined search scenarios:

  • material master record including long text
  • customer, vendor or central business partner
  • service document including message text
  • vendor depending on item text in sales document
  • customer depending on order text in purchasing document
  • business partner related to another one
  • customer depending on contact person

Our SAP integrated functions for fault-tolerant search (MFF)

  • highly-performance fuzzy search within seconds
  • even with 40 million sales documents, the result is available in less than one second
  • every SAP table (also depending table) can be searched through
  • also non-SAP-tables can be searched through via this search
  • various preconfigured search scenarios
  • besides a field-accurate search, one can also search field-overlapping, like on the Internet, via a string
  • new or adjusted data records are synchronized automatically
  • integration with SAP-F4-searching help
  • no additional server required

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