Central Master Data Management in SAP®

Master Data System (MDS)

It is a big challenge to organize master data across multiple SAP® systems. Doublets, different field contents of master data and resulting unreliable evaluations are only a few examples of different data management.

Master Data System (MDS) is a system-overlapping and practicable solution tailored to the operational master data management process. It provides efficient functions for the life-cycle of a master data record: creation, betterment, enrichment, check, release, distribution, maintenance, documentation and compliance of governance guidelines.

MDS is an add-on based on an SAP ERP system consisting of the following components:

  • Data Governance Process (MVT) with preliminary transaction and central address clearing
  • Distribution logic to connected systems and displaying of a master data object

Both non-SAP systems and SAP systems can be connected to the MDS. The data governance process is installed on the connected SAP-systems to create and maintain master data.

A BAPI is provided for non-SAP systems via which creations and changes are transferred as a request document into the central address clearing. Further functions are provided to the address clearer. With a system-overlapping check for equal data, the connected systems are checked for doublets, which are then displayed in a clearing monitor for further processing. A master data object is shaped by the address clearer taking field controlling of the account groups and international spelling (Japanese, Chinese) into account.

By releasing the processing, the master data object is distributed to the connected systems. Unicode and non-Unicode systems can be differentiated while distributing. Contents are to be distributed can be defined down to field level.

MDS is an approved solution used by internationally operating companies and was professionally presented at the DSAG Congress 2010.

Our SAP-integrated functions for the Master Data System (MDS)

  • all functions for data governance process
  • displaying of a distribution logic of the master data for the connected systems
  • which fields to be distributed among the connected systems can be defined via the customizing (global and local fields)
  • cross-system check for equal data
  • clearing monitor to shape the master data object
  • analysis report to measure quality improvement
  • import interface for external data files
  • BAPI to connect non-SAP systems

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