Marlin Suite for SAP® – the Technology

For optimal integration with SAP® systems, the Marlin software was developed in the protected namespace /ISO/. The standard SAP technology BAdI (Business Add-In) was integrated for the Central Address Management (ZAV), from Release 4.7 Business Address Services (BAS). Thus, the address validation is available for the objects customer, vendor or central business partner.

Products with a check logic (MAC, MFF)

The communication between the SAP system and the check server is performed by Remote Function Call (RFC). The check components do not require own hardware and can be installed on an existing SAP application server. A Java SE Runtime Environment Version 1.5.0 is required.

Products using a Web Service (MAV, MCT)

The respective Marlin Connector (JAVA program) is installed on a web server. The connection is then made via a secure port. With the proxy, the application of the Basic or NTLM authentication methods is performed.


The installation is carried out with workbench- and customizing-requests that are implemented via the transport and change management. There is no need for a separate server, the products can be installed on the SAP application server.

System requirements

  • SAP Release 4.7, ECC5, ECC6
  • SAP CRM 4.0, 5.0, 2007, 7.0

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