Impact of Data Quality on Material Master Data in SAP®

Material master data plays a vital role in the overall value-added chain of a company. It is the foundation for all transaction data such as orders, offers and invoices.

Reasons for poor data quality

Often, when integrating customer and supplier data into catalogs, the consolidating process is being neglected. An increasing amount of material master data through redundancies and multiple entries usually leads to decreasing quality. Missing rules for data acquisition, classifications and standards create a chaotic material data base. Migrations of external material data (because of mergers and system consolidations) aggravate existing quality problems.

Improved quality of material master data in SAP®

You can improve the quality of your material master data by following these steps:

Ease daily routines and avoid duplicates in the future

Marlin FACT-Finder® eases the user search for material master data - plus new duplicate entries are avoided by search results. See also fault-tolerant search.

Benefit of proper material master data

Because of the vital role of material master data in the overall value-added chain of a company, a high effect on efficiency and optimization is possible:

  • optimizing storage of material by avoiding redundancies
  • increased benefit for central buying through identified identical parts
  • more efficient data transfer between suppliers
  • reduced cost previously caused by unsuccessful search queries
  • improved transparency in production planning
  • identification of “unknown” identical parts

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