The cutting edge of tourism software development

Our goal is to be technologically up to date. This was already our approach some 30 years ago, when we began developing IT solutions for the tourism industry. Today, this maxim determines our actions more than ever.

So what can you expect from us? More than three decades of experience coupled with the latest software development technology for tourism. Prove for this are awards, such as the World Travel Award in the category “World's Leading Travel Technology” and countless successful projects for well-known customers. We therefore know the market requirements in detail and continuously incorporate this knowledge in all of our developments.

Dynamic Travel Components – 100% Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

The latest – and already highly successful – result of this experience and current market requirements is our Dynamic Travel Components (DTC) strategy: Modular Java components can be configured individually to meet the various needs of all the customers. We implement requirements as to tourism features in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and customers can arrange the components as required for their specific needs. Thanks to the modern technologies applied, we can easily integrate external systems with the overall concept.

The Dynamic Travel Components are being developed according to the latest principles of software development in a model- and test-driven manner, based on an open source production environment.

Project management – classical or modern

We can carry out tourism IT projects in two ways: either following the classical project management methods (waterfall model) or according to the latest methods of agile project management using Scrum procedures.

We vouch for a safe investment in our systems with a guaranteed future and look forward to discussing possible applications of our technology in your business.

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