Pacific – Web-based Tour Operator Solution Suite

The web-based reservation system Pacific supports all the tasks of a tour operator. Designed as a software toolkit based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Pacific consists of several so-called “software services” that cover all requirements of modern travel distribution – web based, of course.

Our tour operator software at a glance

One service per task – thanks to SOA

Each service carries out one specific task, for instance, master data management, booking kernel or business partner management. Thanks to SOA, Pacific combines state-of-the-art software development and 30 years of ISO know-how of reservation systems for the tourism industry. Pacific covers the entire range: from features for the typical tour operator to the meeting latest demands on reservation systems, such as those by dynamic packaging.

Group Module

A separate module is available for the special needs of group travel, including group inquiries, offers and calculations. The system can pre-qualify group inquiries as such. In doing so, criteria can be collected and classified to reuse this request later for other or similar group requests, making work much easier.

The module can generate several individual offers and versions for each inquiry and provides these in clearly arranged group-offer documents. Depending on the system, the respective rates are calculated according to the group rate, and the included services and optional ancillaries are clearly laid out. Moreover, the system creates a detailed itinerary for each offer, with information about each day and the services offered.

With a few clicks, the user can convert an offer accepted by the customer into a fixed booking without having to add further master data.

A new function provides a quick overview of services with possible group quotas. Based on this, the organizer can easily create offers particularly for groups and purchase services and quotas correspondingly. Also new is a special mask that allows users to quickly record all the supplier data and group contracts – to make them centrally available and laid out for clarity and comprehensibility. At the same time the corresponding purchase contract for the service provider can be generated directly and uploaded to the system once it has been signed.

A new a mass rebooking function helps event organizers modify multiple bookings in one step, for example, if services or appointments have to be changed.

Functional highlights of Pacific:

  • integral reservation system for all tour operators, particularly suitable for larger operators with a high volume of transactions.
  • Multi-CRS Engine or dynamically connecting to external flight, car rental and hotel systems
  • customizable Internet Booking Engine
  • supports multiple languages, currencies and clients
  • connects to online payment systems, integrates with your accounting
  • edit multimedia data and link dynamically to external multimedia systems
  • graphical seat reservation
  • produce documents in various formats
  • data import and export
  • yield management

Technical highlights of Pacific:

  • fully browser-based user interface
  • no local installation required
  • low setup and maintenance costs
  • state-of-the-art booking kernel for high-volume load and optimum performance
  • connections to prevalent online distribution channels (B2B, B2C, GDS) as well as offline distribution (INFX, EDF, OTDS)
  • based 100% on Java components and running on standard J2EE application server
  • model-driven development with automated code generation
  • test-driven development with tool-based quality assurance (automated regression tests)
  • Oracle database (other systems as well)
  • fully independent through use of Open Source frameworks
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • can be hosted or ASP operated

Data formats EDF and OTDS

Changing data standards? No problem!

New data standards and new export formats are much-discussed topics in the tourism and software industry. Pacific is ideal for exporting your travel offers to player hub systems using EDF and OTDS, and thus for expanding. With our Multi CRS interfaces, you can import data from player hub systems of other suppliers, thus making their offers part of your product portfolio. In this way EDF und OTDS let you actively participate in the player hub networks. Contact us to learn more about our modern, fully web-based solutions for tour operators.

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